Me and Technology

Growing up in Saskatoon, I attended schools that would be considered a low funded learning environment. Though the school did not have the funds to access new and up to date technology, they always ensured we had access to computers to guide our learning. Since computers became a desired necessity, I have grown up with access to technology both within the classroom and at home. In grade 5 it became necessary for each student to learn proper typing skills, use of Word and PowerPoint programs, and the basic safety protocals to follow. At the age of 11 it became a part of my world, papers went from hand written to typed and printed and presentations went from cardboard to projectors. Each year there was a new program to learn, to try, and to experience through learning and sharing of information. Within my own learning journey I have also been asked to utitlize social media programs such as: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I have recently created a new Twitter account to create a more professional PLN as I go forward with my career, so far it is quite empty but with time I hope to fill it with learning and growth. Please give me a follow( Twitter Handle). I have been told by many that I am a social media addict and I am hoping to learn how to channel that addiction into a positive experience within my classroom and for my professional development to make it productive and not wasteful.

I have never been a huge fan of blogging, though in recent classes I have found it very useful to both express my own ideas and to read and respond to my fellow colleagues thoughts. It has shown me the importance of networking, reflecting, and learning both with and from one another. At times I can be a very reluctant blogger, but I know that in the end it is only helping me grow into the professional I am becoming. It is important to me to grow my social network as there is so much to learn from people and information we can access from the click of a button.

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3 thoughts on “Me and Technology

  1. jacquiewalbaum says:

    Hey Jaycee, mischief like you I did not have access to technology until about the age of 14. This is because of my age though, not due to funding of a school. I never hit the age of paperless though, I was before that time. My struggle is that I feel the art of writing on paper and using posters is very useful; I am not sure if that has to do with my age or if others agree.
    My family says I am glued to my phone and I feel that it is true at times. I was going to fast from technology and then I signed up for this class 😂. Technology I feel is a kind of way to stay engaged with what’s going on and communicating with people.
    Thanks for sharing and you may learn to love blogging! Or maybe not.


  2. jingo035 says:

    Your post made me remember my learning to type days — Mavis Beacon was installed on every computer in the school’s computer lab. It’s interesting how that doesn’t happen today (or at least it doesn’t in my school board). Students come to school already knowing to type and how navigate the computer world. We actually don’t even have computer labs anymore… the computers come the the classrooms. Great post– it really touches on the evolution of tech in schools.


  3. Tanya (@tmweller) says:

    You are a very lucky young lady to have had so many experiences of computer technology while in a ‘low funded environment’. Have you used Prezi? If so, do you prefer Prezi or PowerPoint?


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