From Socializing to Networking

Oh the Twitter world… where do I even begin? When I first opened a Twitter account it was solely a social interaction, a new and exciting way to connect with friends, to rant worries, and share excitement. When I started University my undestanding and use of Twitter changed drastically, I began to view it as part of my professional identity and became more conscious of the things I was posting, sharing, and favoriting. So, instead of going back through my original and personal account, I turned that into a private feed and created a professional account directed towards networking, PD, and one that will uphold a positive professional identity. Don’t hesitate to give me a follow @MsSchoffer (link)

I have heard about Saskedchat in first year but had not taken part or witnessed it unfold on Twitter until our class last Thursday. Though I was aware of the connections on Twitter, it amazed me to see educators from all walks of life interacting with one another over a common topic of interest. My classmate was correct when they stated it was similar to getting ready for the Hunger Games, Saskedchat is fast paced and you never know who, when, or if someone will reply or connect with you. I found it very easy to get lost reading others opinions and liking or replying to their tweets that I would not compose my own. It was overwhelming but definitely beneficial! I connected with multiple people in the Education field, was exposed to new ways of thinking, and realized that my own thoughts are shared but can also be challenged. A perfect environment for quick and accessible learning and PD. I cannot imagine participating in Saskedchat without TweetDeck (link), the experience would have felt more like 300 rather than The Hunger Games. 


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