Smore’s, Smore’s, Smore’s!

Check out my review of Smore’s here! (link)

This is a website that can be an incredible resource if you are willing to pay the money to unlock all that it offers! Tip, if you are using it for a live interactive presentation, I reccomend keeping it on edit mode to have websites and photos easily accessible. For a student they are able to print their flyer, but I would have my future students present it on an overhead projector/laptop to get the full impact! This website allows you or your student to make your flyer, newsletter, or presentation your own with music, videos, photos, links, and much more.


On top of creating your own newsletter or flyer, you have access to other’s that have been made public, there is an account called Tuesday Teaching Tip that I found to be an interesting resource! This is just one example, there are many to look into and explore.


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