Thank goodness for YouTube!

From attempting to learn the chords off of photos and words I moved on to using YouTube and my friends, and I am so thankful I did! I have never realized how much of an interactive, visual, and auditory learner I am until this project.

On YouTube, I found Justin Guitar (link) who helped me to understand where I should be placing my fingers on the Frets of the guitar, how to properly strum the strings, where my other fingers should be, when and where you are able to lean your fingers… I didn’t realize how little I knew and how many intricate steps there are to properly play the guitar. I am so glad I found his YouTube channel or I would still be playing dead strings without any idea the C chord should sound differently. Small questions like where do I place my pinky or thumb or how do I position my hand and how do I properly hold the guitar against my body continue to cross my mind as I proceed in my learning journey. I am not expert, but I am learning and I am beginning to accept failure as part of the learning process. With my tips from Justin Guitar I have been able to play the basic chords more smoothly in sequence, but I still have a long way to go and a lot left to learn.

I definitely need to invest in a guitar pick as my nails are not cutting it and they seem to cause more stress than they do anything else. Who knew growing out your nails could be such a pain?? Next step… beginning to learn the song! I am beyong nervous to begin this stage of my learning. I feel I still have so many basics to learn but I know I will have to incorporate them into this next stage of my learning project… I must remember: arch of my fingers, stay close to the fret, if there is an ‘x’ do not play the string, and practice, practicepractice… If I get it on the first try there is a higher chance that it is out of luck rather than talent, I will have to make time to review my learning every day in order to succeed in my goal! I am meeting with my friend Ezra later this week to begin learning the song and I have a skype teaching planned with Kent, I know this face to face learning will push my ability even further. It is one thing to learn on the internet, but it is another to learn directly from another human.. this is why I believe technology is a great tool but should only be used to aid the learning process rather than completely guide the journey.   But who knows, after this class my views may change!

“Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.”

– Og Mandino


4 thoughts on “Thank goodness for YouTube!

  1. Darren Brinklow says:

    Good reflection on your learning progress and learning style. Reflection is an important aspect of teaching. I too am a visual and auditory learning so I too am happy for video sharing sites like YouTube. Keep working hard!


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