And thats a wrap!

My experience with the ECMP355 class has been a whirlwind of excitment, challenges, and a new understanding of the importance and diversity of the term “EdTech”.

I started this class with limited knowledge on how technology can be usd professionally both within and outside of the classroom. I used technology to socialize, which quickly altered when I realized how important it is for your professionalism in real life to transfer over to your identity online.

From bringing it into your teaching philosophy as a tool to help challenge, adapt, and change the way your students are learning, to using technology to breakdown classroom barriers to network with other educators around the world, to teaching students the importance of online citizenship and how their online footprint is one that can never be erased. Everything I have learned in ECMP 355 I want to take with me into the classroom.  Students need to be taught that their online identity will be part of their lives forever, that their morals, respect, and the law transfers from real life to the computer screen, making online citizenship aspect crucial for students to learn and become fluent in. Especially how to navigate through technology to lead successful lives in this day and age. Lastly, ECMP 355 taught me that encouraging our students to use their voice, even if their starting point is considered slacktivism, is crucial. Students can learn how to utilize technology in order to get an important point across, ask for help, encourage others, and offer support – turning what has been negative bullying into a positive environment.


I created a fun little video, using iMovies, taking you through my ECMP 355 map, learning journey. Overall, I have come to understand how crucial it is to incorporate education technology into the classroom – for the benefit of myself, my students, and the community. Not only to incorporate it, but to be a positive influence and rolemodel to encourage students to have a positive identity and experience online too.


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