A Community of Learners

As a pre-service teacher who believes in inclusive learning and a community of learners, this concept of the ECMP 355 class had to have been my favourite part. Though time, or lack of, did get the best of me and I did not contribute as much as I had hoped, but what I was able to, I hope made a small impact or helped encourage my peers to keep going, to learn more, and to always view things from a different perspective.

I definitely was no rockstar at commenting on blog posts over this short term, but I feel that my contributions to my classmates learning came in a few different forms. I strive to be a positive, encouraging, and thankful person and wanted my authentic self to shine through in my interactions with my peers. I always made an effort to thank, to like, to retweet, or to let someone know that their words had been read, appreciated, and recipricated. For myself, I always appreciate when someone provides a word of encouragement, affirmation, or thanks when it comes to the work I do, so that is the route I decided to take.

My presence was focused primarily on twitter – this is often where I would find my classmates blog posts and instead of commenting directly on the blog, I would choose to tweet back at them. I always found myself late to the party on our google classroom learning community, questions were already answered by my stellar peers by the time I had a chance to read them. It was always so nice to know that if I had a question there were eager pre-service teachers waiting to help me in my learning. I want to say thank you to everyone who gave me encouragement and helped me through this learning journey! We are stronger and smarter together!

Some of my interactions with others…


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