I want my teaching to empower students to be critical thinkers within my classroom and their outside lives. I strongly believe that all students are capable of learning in their own way and have a right to their education. As a teacher I have a responsibility to adapt my pedagogy to meet my students needs and to access or provide resources to support their learning process.
I will create a classroom that encompasses support and fairness for my students by treating my students like the creative people they are. My classroom will be a community that celebrates each students diversity that allows my students to feel comfortable sharing their opinions, questions, and knowledge with me and their classmates.
I passionately believe that schools and learning hold great possibilities for students when the environment is energetic, positive, and safe. Students should feel engaged in their learning, proud of their work, and driven to continue their knowledge. As a teacher I will encourage my students to have a positive, driven, and open mind when it comes to their learning journeys. To do this I will be passionate in my pedagogy, show my support and honest interest in my students work, celebrate each academic and life achievement, and offer my help through their roadblocks.
I want to teach students to be culturally diverse and accepting. In my pedagogy I will incorporate guest speakers, research projects, classroom discussions, and out of class experiences to expose my students to as many cultures as possible. Knowledge is a powerful tool and with acceptance and an open mind students can begin to appreciate what they are learning and the different perspectives surrounding each topic. Diversity in the classroom also includes the way that students learn, as a teacher I will accommodate for my students in order for them to succeed by differentiating my teaching practice, assessment, and classroom environment to best meet my students needs.
Within my pedagogy I will incorporate Treaty Education into majority of my lessons. I feel it is important for Canadians to know the true history and the current events that surround Treaties. Incorporating this into my lessons will allow my students to grow culturally and start to form a respecting community within the classroom. I will also incorporate cross- curricular aspects into my teaching to encourage that knowledge can transfer beyond the subject. Along with other subjects, I will include choices for learning such as through movement, drama, speech, or video to interest all forms of learners. I believe that when students engage their bodies as well as their brains, they will attain and understand more of the information being explained to them, which is why movement within my classroom will become routine for my students.
The most important thing to me as a future educator is creating relationships with my students, their families, my colleagues, and the community. I am prepared to put on the many hats that come along with the teaching profession, be it counsellor, confident, parent, or nutritionist. I believe that creating healthy relationships with my students will bring mutual respect and allow for learning to be beneficial for everyone in the room. I will keep students families involved in classroom news. I will ensure I have trusting relationships with my colleagues to share and improve my own teaching practices. I will also create a connection within the community to provide my students with the benefit of outside knowledge. I want students to leave my classroom feeling respected, supported, and accomplished.